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While going through various case studies, conducting market research, and understanding how China evolved into a global economy force with a support of online retail, we realized that the evolution through eCommerce can rebuild the economy in our country while empowering merchants to launch and grow successful businesses. By knowing all the facts and realizing that in order to run a successful eCommerce venture, one-fit-for-all approach doesn’t work, we decided to develop a unique solution that is truly affordable and doesn’t require merchants or other service providers to acquire complex technical skills in order to launch online ventures, and in such a manner empower startups to compete on a global level in the near future. Without a doubt, the mCommerce revolution is here and we are eager to help everyone efficiently ride its wave towards a better and more prosperous future in Pakistan and beyond.


We are an independent, retail-focused, next-gen eCommerce and mCommerce technology company – a group of entrepreneurs, marketers and innovators, united by our passion for profession & responsibility to create positive influence for our people and country.


The revolution of mCommerce is the evolution of you, transforming the future of economy in Pakistan. Join mCommerce Revolution

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